Accelerating technology & code instruction in schools

Codelicious is on a mission to help students discover how to think about and speak the language of technology. With hundreds of thousands of coding jobs going unfilled each year, Codelicious aims to dramatically increase the funnel of youth coders for tomorrow’s tech workforce, by providing coding curriculum for youth.
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The challenges of teaching code in schools:

Instructor capacity

Even schools who want to teach code struggle to compete for qualified instructors, those who can help debug projects or push top students further.

Ever-evolving syllabus

Best practices in code change and evolve at the speed of technology. Traditional books and lessons become outdated quickly.

No commercial alternative

While many organizations exist for sourcing on-line curriculum components, none specialize in delivering a unified code curriculum built for youths and teens and updated at the speed of technology.

Code builds confidence

Learn Code
Codelcious offers in-person, progressively challenging coding classes for kids and prides itself on a safe, supportive and collaborative learning culture.
Build Confidence
All classes contain coding projects, a confidence building component, collaboration among teams and internet safety and security modules. Because at Codelicious, we believe code builds confidence.
Have Fun
Classes are offered at a variety of levels beginning with basic coding skills and concepts, including learning Scratch, Java, JavaScript, and Python coupled with web development, app development, digital design, and hardware integration.

It’s more than just learning to
code . . . it’s about listening and
understanding the problem.

Meet Our Team

Christine McDonnell

Co-Founder & CEO

Christine is the Co-Founder & CEO of Codelicious. As CEO, Christine is responsible for all aspects of the business...Read more

Josh Miles

Josh Miles is the Chief Marketing Officer for Codelicious, overseeing brand strategy and messaging for all marketing...Read more

Erik Young

Co-Founder & COO
Erik Young is focused on strategy and operations.  He is currently founder of Forever Young Consulting, a firm...Read more

Hunter Stone

Hunter Stone, is a graduate of Noblesville High School and a Sophomore at Indiana University in Bloomington. He has had an...Read more

Zack Baker

Zack Baker is a graduate of Noblesville High School who discovered coding in middle school and has pursued it passionately...Read more

Samantha Fassnacht

Samantha is graduate of Westfield High School. She enjoys coding because it is both fun and challenging. This past year,...Read more

Mia Stoffel

Mia is a student at Westfield High School and an instructor at Codelicious. She loves to teach coding because she believes...Read more

Learn coding at any level

We help students discover how to think about and speak the language of technology.

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  • Interactive classroom experience
  • Hands-on problem solving
  • Experienced, engaged mentors
  • Fun, imaginative learning projects
  • Interesting code work
  • Focused students