Christine is the Co-Founder & CEO of Codelicious. As CEO, Christine is responsible for all aspects of the business including product development, marketing, operations and...Read more

Josh Miles is the Chief Marketing Officer for Codelicious, overseeing brand strategy and messaging for all marketing initiatives.

Josh is also the...Read more
Erik Young is focused on strategy and operations.  He is currently founder of Forever Young Consulting, a firm advising venture-backed high growth clients on strategy...Read more
Hunter Stone, is a graduate of Noblesville High School and a Sophomore at Indiana University in Bloomington. He has had an interest in technology and...Read more
Zack Baker is a graduate of Noblesville High School who discovered coding in middle school and has pursued it passionately ever since. During his time...Read more
Samantha is graduate of Westfield High School. She enjoys coding because it is both fun and challenging. This past year, Samantha received the National Honorable...Read more
Alicia Silhavy is a graphic designer and web developer attending Westfield High School. She loves creating new things, whether it's digitally designing the Westfield High...Read more
Kyle is a graduate of Westfield High School. He attends Indiana University in Bloomington and is studying Game Design.  He has worked with kids of...Read more
Mia is a student at Westfield High School and an instructor at Codelicious. She loves to teach coding because she believes it is not only...Read more
Mikaylah Gross is a graduate student at Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis (IUPUI) pursuing a masters in Human-Computer Interaction. When not working with Codelicious,...Read more
Natalia is a graduate of Purdue Polytechnic Institute with a Mechanical Engineering Degree. She has been an entrepreneur since the age of 10 and enjoys...Read more
Ryan Speitel is a Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science currently attending IUPUI. Interested in pursuing a career in robotics. He has worked on various projects...Read more
Salil Gupta

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